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Please Take a moment to learn more about the benefits of using Masterfil Filters for any additional questions or concerns contact us.

Sweet Spot

Masterfil® Filters

Discover our new line of state-of-the-art fabric filters. Made from a proprietary NSF fabric, Masterfil® filters are scientifically engineered to extend cooking oil life in commercial food service operations.  These filters evolved through extensive research and development with the food sciences department at a major university that specializes in food technology.  The filter media conforms to FDA standards and is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing mechanical filtration equipment.  No additional tools or hardware are required.

Field Tested

Don't take a risk on an untested technology. Our filters have been tested by more than 14 regional and national food service concepts. In all the test locations, the restaurants reduced the amount of shortening required to top off the fryers and extended the useful life of the shortening or oil. No matter your oil filtration needs, we stand ready to help you maximize your oil usage, reduce your costs, and improve your food quality.

The Industry's Most Advanced Cooking Oil Filters

Paper filters and cone filters are yesterday's news.  Fabric filters save money, improve product quality, and help keep our environment clean.  At Oil Solutions Group, we sell the industry's best cooking oil filters.

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