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Oil Solutions Group is the nationally-recognized leader in establishing oil management and compliance systems, and is the master distributor for patented Masterfil®  filters.  The Masterfil® filter is a reusable filter media which greatly extends oil life.  We also have a complete line of best-in-class oil filtration powders, boil-out, accessories and filter aids.

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Wings, Onion Rings and Fries

Extend your oil life with our patented Masterfil® Filters. With our filters you can Fry Foods longer without having to change your oil as frequently. You can learn more about the benefits of our oil here.

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Oil Management White Paper How Masterfil Filters Work

Reduce Oil Cost by 40% or more with Masterfil®

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Our Mission:

Oil Solutions Group, Inc. was founded to provide extended oil life solutions to the foodservice Industry.  We have Best-In-Class products that improve oil quality to more than double oil life, provide greater sustainability by reducing waste, improve flavor profile and reduce top line oil cost.

Proper oil filtration delays the destructive chemical processes in cooking oils by removing the breading debris and polar material contaminants that cause the degradation of edible oils. We represent the most effective filter in the foodservice industry, Masterfil® that has been proven to extend oil life by removing particles as small as ½ micron;  which is the size of a graphite particle.  Most filter media on the market captures 40-120 micron.  Masterfil® filters are designed to be reused for a week.

The realized savings of several thousand dollars per fryer from increased oil life and reductions of landfill waste from oil-soaked paper filters is the value we bring our customers.  A typical paper filter has 1.5 pounds of oil that is thrown out each day with the filter - significant waste over time.  

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