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We sell only the best in class products in the market.  All products are designed to improve oil life, Improve product quality, and provide a sustainable solution to reductions in oil consumption, which yields direct  top line food cost savings.

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Our NSF Certified Masterfil™ filters remove particles as small as ½ micron. It will increase oil life an additional 40% to 150%.

Filter Machines

Filter Machines

Filter Machines Specification Sheet

We have engineered the best filter machines in the industry. Designed in three different sizes for 50, 80, and 120 pound fryers.

Boil Out


Fryer Boli-Out Brochure

Our unique boil out is not only the best product in the market, but also is delivered in premeasured dissolvable packages.

Oil Test Kits

Oil Test Kits

Measure your oil quality with Testo dielectric testing unit, oil color kits, or litmus test strips.

Filter Powders

Filter Powders

X-Tend Brochure

We have the industry leading filter aid powder available.



Skimmers, Gloves, Parts and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

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Before After

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How to Filter a Fryer
Filtering Henny Penny with Masterfil

Oil Management White Paper

How Masterfil Filters Work

Reduce Oil Cost by 40% or more with Masterfil.